High Intensity Training

Why You Should Be Doing Front Sqauts
†If you are looking for an exercise that combines; strength, flexibility, balance and increases your metabolism, then look no further than Squats. It maybe, pre-conceived that Squats can be bad for your knees but that just isnít the case provided that they are done with proper form. A front squat is a great starting point for barbell based squats. Typically the front squat is placed in the beginning or is of primary focus of a routine.
What's Your V02 Max?

This test is facilitated by an Exercise Physiologist and measures the of the amount of oxygen consumed in milliliters, used in one minute per kilogram of bodyweight while working at different levels of intensity. Simply put, it is the amount of oxygen being used by the body to create energy. VO2max testing performed at The Human Performance Lab.

High Intensity Interval Training for the Mind
HIIT is an approach to exercise that involves alternating short, intense bursts of exercise with equally short rest periods -- for example, one minute on and one minute off -- for a total of about 20 minutes.



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