Hight Intensity Training Fitness

For the athlete in all of us. The HIT FIT program features High Intensity Training techniques foreign to the “fitness” industry. From the weekend 5K runner to the racquetball player who wants to beat his office mate on the local court, the HIT FIT program will take your game to the next level. The program will improve overall performance in clients who do not need to lose weight, but who want to become extremely fit.

The HIT FIT high intensity fitness training program fills the gap between the Lighten-Up client and the Speed-Up athlete. The Exercise prescription derived from the Hit Fit Evaluation allows us to customize your training to meet your specific objectives. This program is truly the best of both worlds: A goal oriented training plan combined with the High Intensity Training methods we offer the world class athlete.

Why HIT Fit?

Not A Walk In The Park

Are you an active adult looking to increase your strength, stamina and endurance? Would you like to become a better overall athlete?  Are you tired of the same of ineffective workout routines that the box gyms offer?  Well If you answer “yes” to any of these questions our HIT FIT program is for you.

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